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Color: clear, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown

Appearance: transparent, cubic or octahedral crystals, all sizes

Rarity: common

Source: United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway, China, Peru, Mexico, Brazil

Attributes: Fluorite is highly protective, especially on a psychic level. It helps you to discern when outside influences are at work within yourself and shuts off psychic manipulation and undue mental influence. This stone cleanses and stabilizes the aura*. It is extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress. Appropriately positioned, it blocks geopathic stress*. Used in healing, Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds. It cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganizes anything within the body that is not in a perfect order. This is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganization.

Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies. It promotes unbiased impartiality and heightens intuitive powers; makes you more aware of higher spiritual realities and can quicken spiritual awakening; and focuses the mind and links it into the universal mind. Fluorite brings stability to groups, linking them into a common purpose.

Fluorite is associated with progress on many levels, incorporation structure into daily life. This stone can overcome chaos and reorganize the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Psychologically, Fluorite dissolves fixed patterns of behavior and gently opens the door to the subconscious, bringing suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution. It increases self-confidence and dexterity.

Fluorite improves physical and mental coordination and counteracts mental disorders. Dissolving fixed ideas, it helps to move beyond narrow-mindedness to the bigger picture. This stone dissolves illusions and reveals truth.  It is very helpful when you need to act impartially and objectively.

Fluorite is an excellent learning aid—it organizes and processes information linking what is already known into what is being learned, and increases concentration. It helps you to absorb new information and promotes quick thinking.

Emotionally, Fluorite has a stabilizing effect. It helps you to understand the effect of the mind and emotions on the body. In relationships, it teaches the importance of balance. Physically, Fluorite assists balance and coordination.

Healing: Fluorite is a powerful healing tool, dealing with infections and disorders. It benefits teeth, cells, and bones and repairs DNA damage. It is powerful against viruses, especially as an elixir. Fluorite regenerates the skin and mucus membranes, particularly in the respiratory tract, and heals ulcers and wounds It is beneficial for colds, flu, and sinusitis. Dissolving adhesions and mobilizing joints, Fluorite alleviates arthritis, rheumatism, and spinal injuries. Stroked across the body toward the heart, Fluorite provides pain relief. It ameliorates the discomfort of shingles and other nerve-related pain, and heals the skin, removing blemishes and wrinkles. It can be used during dental work. Fluorite rekindles sexual libido.

Position: Wear at earlobes or place in your environment. Position as appropriate for healing. Fluorite draws off negative energy and stress and needs cleansing after each application. Place on computer or between yourself and source of electromagnetic smog*. Spray the gem essence into the environment. Palm stones are useful soothers.

Green Fluorite: grounds excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma, and clears infections. It is particularly effective at absorbing negative energies within the environment. It brings information up from the subconscious mind and accesses intuition. It is an effective auric, chakra, and mental cleanser, dissipating obsolete conditioning. It relieves stomach disorders and cramp in the intestines.