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Blue Quartz is formed due to tiny blue Rutile, Tourmaline or Zoisite inclusions. Specimen locality: Minas Gerais, Brasil, South America. In addition to the properties of the included-mineral, it exhibits the follow attributes.

This formation serves to activate the throat chakra and to promote the speaking of that which is within ones mind. It further acts to attune one to the connected-ness of the brothers and sisters of the planet, releasing introversion and fear, while promoting experiences which are fresh and new. It actually assists one in removing the fear of reaching-out to others, and brings stimulation to new relationships. 

It produces a comforting resonance, generating a composure during states of disruption and confusion, allowing on to enjoy the actions of being in depended and uninhibited.

Blue Quartz assuages fear, helping one to see that the basis of fear is only incomplete knowledge; it assists one in gaining completion of that knowledge. It can be used to encourage consideration and thoughtfulness and is, hence, helpful to relationships.

In addition, it has been used in the treatment of disorders of the spleen, the endocrine system, and the blood, and to assist in the stabilization of the metabolic processes and secretions from the pancreas.

"Love is in the Earth - The crystal and mineral encyclopedia" By Melody